Martin Garrix Releases “Summer Days” with Macklemore & Fallout Boy Singer Patrick Stump

With summer right around the corner, “Summer Days” is the perfect song to listen while enjoying a beautiful, sunny day. This feel-good record with its funky bass line, electric guitar, and catchy lyrics comes just in time from Dutch producer Martin Garrix, Seattle hip-hop artist Macklemore, and Patrick Stump of Fallout Boy. EDM/pop punk crossovers have gained popularity for quite some time however, Garrix mixed things up by adding fellow emcee Macklemore to the track. Garrix said the following about the collaboration:

“‘Summer Days’ is one of those tracks that makes you want to get in the car with your friends and blast it with the windows down, I’m honored to be working with Patrick and Macklemore on this track, since I think they are both great artists. They are both very different in terms of style which gave the track new dimensions. I’m super happy with the end result.” 

This Martin Garrix collaboration follows two others released in 2019; “No Sleep” with Bonn and “Mistaken” with Matisse & Sadko and Alex Aris.

Listen to ‘Summer Days’ and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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