The new Avicii album ‘TIM’ may be his best one yet

After more than a year since his death, Avicii’s family and friends decided to release the highly anticipated album ‘TIM’. We have listened to the whole album and here is our opinion.


The whole album screams emotions and we feel like they got the feeling just right. The first tracks is called ‘Peace of Mind’, which is actually written about the social media pressure many people are having. However, the title could also be interpreted as Avicii – after his passing – would now be having peace in his own mind.

Rock & Progressive Influences

Where Avicii already experimented with country-themed tracks before, this album seems to continue that path with a bit more guitar work. Not all tracks focus heavily on acoustic elements, but all tracks have a true natural feeling.


As Avicii was not able to finish his work, others (close friends / industry specialists) finished the tracks in a way they thought Avicii would’ve wanted it. Some of the names that worked on the album, are; Carl Falk, Vargas & Lagola, Albin Nedler, Kristoffer Fogelmark and Aloe Blacc (known from his earlier collaborations with Avicii).

Listen yourself

The whole album can now be found online on the YouTube channel of Proximity.

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