Darcy DaQuino

His energetic drive characterizes him, both inside and outside the club. His productions are energeticprogressiveroomfillers that enrapture a crowd again and again. Combine this with a talent for combining the right tracks, and you have one of the best DJs in the world.

Also Darcy is, like most talented DJs and producers at a very young age, absolutely idolat of music and everything that comes with it. Started early with piano lessons, something that has now developed to full maturity. Meanwhile, he has a wealth of studio experience through various internships and is now in possession of his own studio. The first official releases are planned for this year and can already count on support from some of the biggest names.

Many small and large locations (including Escape, Sugar Factory, P3 Purmerend) have already experienced what it is about a set of Darcy DaQuino: energy, recognition and skills, topped with a big cream sauce.