Darcy Daquino

Interview: Darcy DaQuino

In this interview with Darcy DaQuino you’ll read more about him and his workflow. Everything from his structuring to mixing and mastering will be answered! Darcy joined us as the first producer on NXT Music and we are really proud to have him in our musical family.

Kevin D & Darcy DaQuino – Output [Musical Madness]

Kevin D & Darcy DaQuino did a fantastic job on their new track Ouput. An absolute banger! We can’t wait to hear more of them in the future. Do you like this track as well? Please subscribe to our youtube channel if you want to hear more Future House tracks from NXT Music – House. […]

Darcy DaQuino

His energetic drive characterizes him, both inside and outside the club. His productions are energeticprogressiveroomfillers that enrapture a crowd again and again. Combine this with a talent for combining the right tracks, and you have one of the best DJs in the world.