Interview: Savio Damiano

In this interview with Savio Damiano you’ll read more about him and his career as a producer. We asked him to give you some tips and tricks and what inspired him to make music.

Name: Ricardo Erfmann
Artist name: Savio Damiano
Birthplace: Krimpen aan den IJssel, The Netherlands
Currently residing: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

How did you get started DJing?

I started practicing with a double CD player when I was around 10 years old, did some small parties at my high school and from there I progressed into playing guitar & drums around the age of 15. At 22 I started producing house music with FL Studio and still do.

Which famous artists influenced you? Why?

There are a couple of big names in the game, but the one that really stands out for me is Mark Knight. I practically watched all his tutorials and interviews you can find on YouTube, but to me he seems like a straight up and genuine guy. Next to that, I really like his sound and style within the genre of tech house.

What is your number one tip for other producers?

Be consistent in everything you do, planning is really important. If you create a clear time schedule for yourself, you don’t have to worry about when to do what. This is really something I struggled with in the beginning. Think of stuff like producing, creating content, promotion, networking, gigs, etc. Every aspect of being a producer has to grow evenly.

How has your music evolved since the beginning of your career?

When I started producing, I mainly focused on creating the hardest big room banger, but throughout the years I’ve changed my style more towards tech, tribal & Latin house. This kind of music is nice to play at festivals, in your car and at a local club.

Could you briefly describe your music-making process?

A beat or melody pops up in my head at the most random moments, when I’m at the barber, taking a shower or trying to hit on a girl haha! Then I look for a reference track regarding structure and overall sound. Then I started building the intro and from there it naturally progresses.

Where do you usually gather inspiration?

Different kinds of music. I mostly listen to other tech, tribal and Latin house tracks, but I also listen to metal-core and classical music like, Chopin and Bach.

What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a career as a DJ?

Put time and effort in it and it will pay itself back but be patient and the best advice I can give you is to make the proper connections. Don’t get mad at someone else for having success. But in the end, it all starts with making good music.

What has been your biggest challenge as an artist?

Getting gigs at places where I can actually play the music I make.

How were you able to overcome that challenge?

I went to the parties where ‘my kind of music’ was being played, talked with the DJ’s, promoters and the most important people, the organizers & people that book the DJ’s.

What has been the most rewarding experience as an artist?

Connecting with people that share the same passion, making music. It’s so nice to talk with someone that understands everything you talk about.

Can you describe your most memorable performance?

This gig I did in Wales, England in 2017. Aside from being a DJ / producer I have a full time job. Back then I was on a business trip with some clients, we went to a bar and I asked the DJ if it’s okay to do a B2B set. He said as long as the manager doesn’t show up, it’s fine by me. Now you might wonder where I got my music from, I always carry a key shaped USB with me, for situations like that.

What upcoming projects / releases / shows / etc. can we look forward to?

My next track will be a tech house track. The release will be May this year. Keep an eye on my socials.

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